Discover Egypt as you did not know it before, as Egypt has all kinds of tourism such as historical, recreational and environmental tourism.
in terms of entertainment, Egypt has beaches characterized by the purity of the water in them, and it also has many islands surrounded by rare coral reefs that you will not see anywhere else.
On the one hand, the desert trips that make you live in the depths of the desert the Bedouin life.
and on the other hand, the historical tourism in Egypt is also characterized by a history that no other country had.
and also It owns one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, and Luxor, which alone owns two-thirds of the world’s antiquities
and from an environmental tourism, Egypt has many rare places in the world such as the White Desert, the Black Desert, and primitive caves that were discovered in Bahariya Oasis and Farafra Oasis as well as an oasis Siwa, which alone has a long history and water springs used in medical tourism
and not only this, Egypt has many countless places

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